Truer Stories.

Deeper Connections.

Abundant Lives.

Form deep relationships, discover meaning and live with integrated creativity.

Dr. Curt Thompson

Psychiatrist, speaker and author Curt Thompson connects our intrinsic desire to be known with the need to tell truer stories about ourselves — showing us how to form deep relationships, discover meaning and live integrated, creative lives.



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Curt speaks to the innermost desires of our hearts and souls, bringing together an understanding of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) and a Christian view of what it means to be human — inviting us to engage more authentically with our own stories and relationships. Only then can we feel truly known and connected and live into the meaningful reality we desire to create.


“Curt Thomson’s advice and observations have directly impacted my art and my life. His work remains indispensable in our journey toward Culture Care.”

- Makoto Fujimura, Artist

"Curt’s work has transformed the way I live, work and relate to God. His framework around community, spiritual practices, vulnerability and shame inform my daily life. If you are new to Curt’s work, welcome. Now be prepared to integrate your heart, soul and mind with how you relate to yourself and others."

- Jessica Honnegger, CEO / Social Impact Entrepreneur / Author / Podcaster

"Very few people have made a greater difference in how I aspire to think and live—and dare I say, pray—than Curt Thompson. In his work and in person, he combines boundless intellectual capacity and curiosity with deep presence and compassion. Knowing him is one of the great gifts of my life, as is any chance I get to introduce him to others."

- Andy Crouch, Author, Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling

"Dr. Thompson has profoundly impacted my life and the way I lead. His probing questions and insight into shame and vulnerability have drawn me out and into a more connected way of life. It is because of Curt I now do everything in teams and I will never go back."

- Jennie Allen, Author of Nothing to Prove / Founder & Visionary of IF:Gathering

"Curt Thompson is a wise, kind and generous guide through the foul thicket of shame....Curt weaves biblical wisdom, neuroscience research and powerful stories into a covering that doesn’t hide our shame but enables us to name what is keeping us from freedom and wonder."

- Dan B. Allender, Professor of Counseling Psychology / Founding President, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

"Curt is a gift to a generation looking for hope and healing. He pairs his clinical lens with faith, with keen insights that provide breakthrough for those who desperately need it. I’m forever a champion of his voice and advocate of his work!"

- Rebekah Lyons, Author / Speaker / Co-Founder of Q Ideas

"Psychiatrist and author Curt Thompson provides a framework for understanding science and spirituality. Drawing truth from ancient biblical wisdom and neuroscience research, he traces the healing work of Jesus through the pathways of the mind and heart. His work is accessible and full of hope, outlining practices that help us to heal from wounds of shame and brokenness that we may learn how to flourish in love and freedom."

- Sandra Mccracken, Songwriter / Record Producer