Three-minute reflections to pause, breathe, and refocus.


The purpose of these reflections is to assist you in telling your story more truly—the story of goodness and beauty that God is narrating and longs for each of us to hear and occupy. The exercises presented here are to help you focus your attention, provide you an encounter with beauty and develop a curiosity of what it evokes in you — all free from the distractions we so easily fall into.

First, select how you feel today

Now that you have identified the emotional state you find yourself in, choose a reflection resource from our collection of art, music, prose, poetry and meditations. The purpose of selecting an emotion is to draw your attention to what you are feeling—to practice strengthening your awareness of the emotional state of mind that you bring to the reflection, not merely to understand or resolve it. The reflection you encounter, in turn will provide the opportunity for you to attune to the shifts not only in what you feel, but also what you sense, image, think and are moved to do in your body.

If you're listening to a piece, please do so with a good set of headphones or earbuds for the best experience.

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