In a world in which we experience such deep desire and such great grief, we find coursing through all of it our unquenchable longing to be known. But we don’t want to stop there, for we know in our bones and blood that we desire to be known in order for us to create and curate beauty and goodness in the world — together with our friends and, in our best moments, even our enemies — in every domain of life that we occupy.

With the Being Known Podcast, we will discover what it means to be truly known, exploring the intersection of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) and Christian spiritual formation.

We believe that God’s good creation, in the language of neuroscience, is revealing in fresh ways what God has intended in Jesus from the beginning — that we are a people made for joy, for whom repairing ruptures is healing for our souls and our brains, and who are destined to create and become outposts of beauty and goodness, outposts of hope and healing for a world in which we experience fracture and disintegration far too often.

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