Center for Being Known – Connections Conference 2023: Emergence

McLean Presbyterian Church

1020 Balls Hill Rd McLean, VA

October 27, 2023

Do you want to go deeper in your relationships—with God, with others, and with yourself?

The Connections conference is all about connecting. Connecting people, connecting the parts of our brain, connecting us to God, and extending the interconnection between what God is doing in recreating Goodness and Beauty in all the areas of our lives. At Connections 2023, you can join with the Center for Being Known (CBK) in the pursuit of exploring, alongside others, what it means to live the abundant life of the Creator.

The Center for Being Known exists to reflect what becomes when the mind – our minds – move toward greater integration: or, as Jesus would say in Matthew’s Gospel, that we are becoming more perfect, more whole, even as our Father in heaven is also perfectly whole.  Who we are best able to be “emerges” as we encounter Jesus and others in community. We don’t change, completely, overnight at the moment of our surrender; rather, we become more like Jesus over time. We emerge through the work of the Spirit in us as individuals and together in Christ-shaped relationships.  Emergence, for it to be whole and integrated, necessarily requires our being deeply known.     – Curt Thompson, MD

Join us on Friday, October 27, 2023 as we take a closer look at the theme of Emergence. We want to connect with you in-person or online and see what God is up to.


ALL TICKETS come with access to a recording after the event.

The in-person event is at:

McLean Presbyterian Church, 1020 Balls Hill Rd, McLean, Virginia. 

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